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Selfless Service Definition Essay

Selfless Service
When one sees the word selfless service, he/she literally sees the words self and less, followed by service. Self refers to an individual (in this case, it refers to one’s own interests) and less indicates a lack of, or without. Service can be a synonym of the word volunteering or duty. Therefore, the term selfless service must literally mean the lack of the pursuit of one’s own interests for the betterment of others. There is no measurement of selfless service. No matter what the scenario or who is involved, everyone who is involved benefits from one’s selfless acts. The one who shows selflessness may benefit by receiving a “thank you,” or even just a good feeling of helping others. Of course, the ones who receive the selfless acts benefit from obvious reasons. Selfless service can be shown by anyone and everyone, including a soldier putting his/her life on the line to save a fallen comrade, a husband and father protecting and spending time with his wife and children, someone donating his/her time by volunteering as a tutor or with the American Red Cross or some other goodwill charity, and the teamwork of two or more athletes. Those four examples provide different scales in which selfless service can be displayed. Selfless service can be displayed in regards to one’s nation/military, one’s family, one’s community, and any team sport.
The U.S. Army’s definition of selfless service is “to put the welfare of the nation, the Army, and your subordinates before your own” (“Selfless Service,” The Army consists of teams, in which those teams form a larger size unit, etc. If a team fails, the unit fails. One reason that a team may fail could have something to do with selfishness, which is of course the opposite of selfless service. For example, a soldier named Private Johnson is part of a team. Johnson wants to be the team leader, but the position is already occupied by Sergeant Williams. When Williams gives an order to Johnson, he purposely does not do his best to carry out instructions because Johnson is selfish and wants the glory of being in a leadership position. Because of Johnson’s lack of selfless service, the mission fails. This leads to a quote from Robert E. Hall, a top NCO (Noncommissioned Officer) in the U.S. Army, “Are you truly doing what's best for the nation, what's best for the Army, what's best for your unit, and what's best for your soldiers and their families? Are you taking all of that into consideration, or are you looking at what makes you as an individual look the best?” (qtd. in
The family is another scale in which selfless service can be displayed. A man should have a natural urge to spend time with his wife and children. Believe it or not, this is an example of selfless service because a man sacrifices time and money to make his wife and children happy. For example, the Brown family decides to go on a vacation to Hawaii. Mr. Brown does not like the idea of...

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Selfless Service And Service To Others

One of the most important aspects of progression in all spheres of life is the offering and provision of service to others without any thought whatsoever of reward or self-gratification. Selfless service is absolutely fundamental, both from an individual perspective and from the perspective of the entire human race, without which there can be no true progression.

Selfless service should be offered and provided out of a genuine and deep desire to help and be of service to others others. Inner Beings of the Astral, Mental, Celestial and Cosmic spheres of life are continually involved in service to humanity by selflessly providing their services, the inner always assisting the outer, from the very innermost sphere closest to The Source, The First Cause, God, out to the physical Universe of matter; such is the way of progression in the entire Universe.

Although those in the lower spheres cannot comprehend the glories, splendours and magnificence of the inner spheres of life, or of the advanced beings residing there, and of their abilities, those of the inner spheres who already know and experience such conditions deeply wish to raise those living in the outer levels of the Universe to the ever inner levels, that they may also enjoy the same conditions of Love, light and bliss; conditions far beyond even the remotest comprehension of earthly humans. Only when a person arrives at the next level in his or her development can they truly experience and fully appreciate the glories, splendours and magnificence of those inner worlds and of those who dwell there.

It is an unfortunate but yet true fact that many people today will not consistently help others without anticipating something tangible in return, very often money. There are of course many notable exceptions, for example the excellent work carried out by charities and other volunteer workers and organisations involved in a wide range of humanitarian abd selfless services, as well as service to other living creatures and the environment.

Of course, people are understandably committed to their own daily needs, families and friends, often helping each other whenever appropriate. This is of course as it should be between families and friends. Selfless service however should extend far beyond family and friends. The meaning of selfless service is to unconditionally be of whenever the need for such assistance is apparent and appropriate, and whenever it is possible to do so, without any thought whatsoever for self or gain.

Selfless service also includes the progression of all humanity and life. Just as the inner are always assisting the outer within the inner spheres of life, the fortunate should likewise always help the less fortunate within the physical world. Such service to others can be offered in numerous, unlimited ways, ranging from financial assistance to direct physical help, through to advice, support, healing and teaching. If all mankind would embrace these extremely important Universal principles, all of which are required for true progression, then the greed, avarice, materialism, egocentricity and self-gratification so prevalent in the world today would disappear, and the world would be a vastly better place; the “kingdom of heaven on Earth”. As it is, we frequently witness self-interest being placed before service in the seemingly relentless race, and often obsession by humans generally to accumulate wealth, material possessions, power, fame and notoriety, all motivated entirely for individual benefit.

Within the inner spheres of life and reality commencing with the Astral worlds where people will transition to after passing from physical life on Earth, everyone at any particular level of density and vibration exists at fundamentally the same level of ennoblement, advancement and beliefs, and as a result, in the mid-Astral and inner worlds, peace, harmony and tranquillity always prevail. In these inner Astral worlds to which people transition after the death of the physical body, there are no formal leaders, no formal work, no money, no self-interest and no greed, everyone always working together in oneness of Spirit for the benefit of everyone else around them, and very often for the benefit of those living on Earth.

However, those on Earth who lived a life of selfishness, greed, avarice, gross materialism and disregard for others or worse will find themselves in a very similar world after passing. Everyone will transition to a world that is completely analogous and a very precise match to the physical life lived on Earth. No one can take their Earthly material possessions with them to the Astral worlds, and accordingly after passing such people who on Earth lived by greed, selfishness and disregard for others will find themselves in the company of similar Souls in the outer Astral worlds, all striving to gain advantage over everyone else in exactly the same way as they did on Earth. These are the “greed worlds” of the Astral realms where those dwelling there will potentially spend hundreds or even thousands of years as measured in Earth time striving to gain from each other just as they did on Earth.

These outer Astral worlds might well be analogous to a type of “hell” in religious terms, worlds were greed, avarice and selfishness prevail. Eventually however, sooner or later, these people will also learn their lessons and the futility of their selfish personalities, and will either reincarnate for another life on Earth where the lessons learned can be exercised, or transition to the inner, more harmonious, peaceful Astral worlds, where everyone assists each other without any thought of reward or other benefit, until such time as reincarnation takes place once again. The purpose of these outer Astral worlds are not as a form of punishment but rather places of learning, an environment perfectly matched to the character and therefore Energy vibration of the people dwelling there that they may ultimately learn and move on.

Those who believe “death” will release them from their attitudes and actions within the physical world had therefore better think again because “death” is no escape. Everyone will transition to the Astral worlds, to a realm that exactly matches their character and other attributes, and where life continues eternally. Knowing these important facts, everyone has the opportunity to review their own life, character and ennoblement in the years before physical death, the sooner the better, and to take all necessary actions to transition to a decent life of selflessness and service to others.

It should also be well and truly noted by those who are mostly concerned with, and motivated by their own self-interests, that selfishness is one of the very most serious transgressions against Spiritual progression, and is highly karmic. Notwithstanding the conditions awaiting a persistently selfish person after physical death, all transgressions will have to be balanced sooner or later. Universal laws apply equally to every single person without exception, regardless of perceived status on Earth, a status counting for absolutely nothing in the inner Astral and Spiritual worlds. While the victims of the physical world will likely enjoy a peaceful, harmonious existence after passing on to the Astral worlds, those who transgressed against them will find themselves in an outer, “hell” like Astral world among like-Minded people, with karmic debts to pay in full.

We should all therefore live our lives in a positive manner, in complete peace and harmony with the world, going with the flow of life, always offering selfless service, service to others out of Unconditional Love whenever and wherever the need or opportunity arises and it is appropriate to do so. Living a shallow life where token efforts are made to help others, or to be less selfish simply in the knowledge of the life awaiting after passing from the physical world and in the hope of enjoying a better “afterlife” will be completely futile. Relinquishing the habits and characteristics of a lifetime on Earth or “death bed confessions and conciliation” just prior to passing on mean absolutely nothing whatsoever, and will absolutely make no difference at all to the Astral world to which a person will transitioned after physical death and the environment encountered there.

This also equally applies to religious people, many of whom believe that their religion, faith and accepting Jesus as their saviour will ensure their place in “heaven”. Some even go as far as believing if they “embrace Jesus” on the deathbed then they will be “saved” and go to “heaven”. This of course is a complete misunderstanding, brought about by the most part by the creed, dogma and indoctrination of the church.

True progression includes transcending the ego, ennoblement of Soul and Spirit, respect for all life, Unconditional Love and service to others in the form of totally selfless service without any thought of reward. No one knows precisely when their current lifetime on Earth will be completed, and when therefore the transition inwards to the next sphere of life will occur, and accordingly no time should be lost in fully embracing and living life in full knowledge of the true meaning of life and being of service to others.

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