Business Communication Class Assignments For Kindergarten

From in-class activities to sequenced informal and formal assignments, there are a wealth of possibilities for involving your students in meaningful writing practice and learning.

In this section, you’ll find a wide variety of examples that can inspire your creation of writing assignments and writing activities for your course.

Astronomy 1001 | Reflective Essays
2-page assignments on the interaction of humans with Earth

Business Administration 3033 | Business Communication Assignments
principles for writing professional documents, including business memos

Civil Engineering / Geology 4301 | Laboratory Assignment
formal scientific writing (procedure, results, calculations, references), including a cover letter and appendices

Economics 4431W | Economic Analysis Paper
sequenced, process-oriented assignments (proposal, outline, draft), with explicit grading criteria

History / East Asian Studies 3464 | Sequenced Assignments
diverse formal and informal writing assignments due throughout the term

Mechanical Engineering 2001 | Reflecting on your Index Card Platform
students reflect on their own design solutions and those of their peers

Mechanical Engineering 4054 | Design Project Final Report
a broad range of writing considerations (objectives, audience, style, organization, data presentation, collaborative writing)

Sociology 3452 | Service Learning Weekly Reflection Papers
informal writing; integration of course content with service-learning activities

... when assigning research
resources for faculty regarding course and assignment development from University of Minnesota Libraries

... for student writers
Students can find out about one-to-one consultations and download handouts about style & grammar, punctuation, the writing process, and documentation.

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