Tagore International School Vasant Vihar Holiday Homework Pass



February, 2018   

Dear Parent                                                                                                                               

Central Board of Secondary Education is extending several exemptions/concessions to students with Learning Disability, Spastic, Visually impaired, Physically Handicapped, Autistic and candidates with disabilities as defined in PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES ACT 1995. As per the act a student identified with any of these conditions have the flexibility of choosing subjects in class IX. They can be exempted from examination in Science and Mathematics. This is to facilitate the student with better learning without putting pressure of studying these subjects. Kindly refer to circular number CBSE/COORD/112233/2016 under circular section of cbse site, cbse.nic.in for more details.

The available options are given below:

Mathematics - Foundation of Information Technology

Science – Painting

In case you want your ward to be exempted from mathematics, Science or both, please fill in the attached form and send it to the class teacher along with the required documents by Monday, 08 February’ 18


(Mallika Premam)




The Principal

Tagore International School

East of Kailash

New Delhi

Sub: Availing exemption as provided for Differently abled/PWD students

Respected Madam,

My ward, with following credentials, is a student of your school:-

1. Name:                                                                  

2. Admission No.:

3. Class:                                                                  

4. Section:

5. Nature of Disability:

It is requested that following exemption may be granted to my ward

  1. Exemption from studying Mathematics
  2. Exemption from studying Science

Date:                                                                                                                             (Signature of Parent)


                                                                                                                                               Email ID:

                                                                                                                                              Contact No.


Enclosure: (i) Medical Certificate (ii) Qualification proof of Scribe (if sought)

- В этом нет никакого смысла. Стратмор встал и начал расхаживать по кабинету, не спуская при этом глаз с двери. - Несколько недель назад, когда я прослышал о том, что Танкадо предложил выставить «Цифровую крепость» на аукцион, я вынужден был признать, что он настроен весьма серьезно. Я понимал, что если он продаст свой алгоритм японской компании, производящей программное обеспечение, мы погибли, поэтому мне нужно было придумать, как его остановить.

Я подумал о том, чтобы его ликвидировать, но со всей этой шумихой вокруг кода и его заявлений о «ТРАНСТЕКСТЕ» мы тут же стали бы первыми подозреваемыми.

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