Important Essays For B.Com Part 1

Functional English
B. Com Part 1
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Functional English Syllabus

Note: Each Question Carries 20 Marks. Total  Number of Questions are 8. Section one is Mostly objective type, and Section 2 Consists of Precis, Comprehension and Essay Writing.

Most Important Areas of Syllabus are :

  • Vocabulary: Antonyms, Synonyms, Homonyms, One word Substitute.
  • Practical Grammar - Sentence Structure: types of sentences
  • Sentences, Phrases - types and functions, Clauses - types and functions.
  • Parts of Speech: Major word classes, Nouns -(singular; plural),
  • Pronouns - with further classifications,
  • Verbs - emphasis on three forms of verbs,
  • Adjectives - with further classification
  • Punctuation: Tenses - Types, Structure, Function, Conversion into negative and interrogative.
  • Active and Passive voice
  • Direct and Indirect speech.
  • Articles: Definite, Indefinite
  • Composition (comprehension) Precis Writing,
  • Essay Writing

Important English Essay Topics for BA, BSc Exams List is available here for all those who are going to attempt the annual examination. These essay topics are same for private and regular candidates. Also for those students who are going to attempt BA, BSc examinations annually or supplementary. So if you are also among those candidates who are going to be attempt English paper then you are here on the right way to get all the list of important essay list. Candidates there are a huge number of essays which lies in BA, BSc syllabus but according to the board paper point of view there are almost 15 to 20 essays which are more important. Here down of this page we will provide you all the list and the most important essays are bold. Well you are suggested to read these all essays as these are very important to increase your English vocabulary. Essays also increase your general knowledge. Essay that is easy to understand and written in easy language is more preferable and you can secure more marks in that essay. So here down the essays available are the most repeated and expected essays for BA BSc Exams annual or supplementary, regular or private candidates.

Important English Essay Topics For BA, BSc Exams List 

  1. English Essay on Role of Women in Society
  2. English Essay on Pollution
  3. English Essay on The best day of my Life
  4. English Essay on Education
  5. English Essay on The Main problems facing Pakistan
  6. English Essay on Benefits of having a Sea Port
  7. English Essay on Cities
  8. English Essay on My Favorite Hero in History
  9. English Essay on My First Day of School
  10. English Essay on Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah
  11. English Essay on Allama Iqbal
  12. English Essay on Music Addiction
  13. English Essay on Unity of Muslims of the World
  14. English Essay on Social Evils in Pakistan
  15. English Essay on The effects of World War II on Pakistan and the World
  16. English Essay on Science and Arts
  17. English Essay on Corruption
  18. English Essay on Load shedding
  19. English Essay on Overpopulation
  20. English Essay on Dengue Fever
  21. English Essay on Terrorism
  22. English Essay on Democracy
  23. English Essay on Energy Crisis in Pakistan
  24. English Essay on Life in a Big City
  25. English Essay on Importance of Science

So these are all the Important English Essay Topics for BA, BSc Exams List. You are suggested to learn all these essays so that if this time the authority changes the topic then you should be able to write any essay by your own vocabulary.


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