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Apartment Leasing Agent Resume Objective

Apartment Leasing Agents work as liaisons between property owners and tenants. When applying for a job as an apartment leasing agent, it can be helpful to list a one-sentence objective near the top of your resume. This sentence tells the business client why you want to work for him or her, and it also makes your resume tailored to that specific client.

What the Apartment Leasing Agent Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

An Apartment Leasing Agent needs to have a pleasant personality in order to make both the client and the tenant feel appreciated. The agent is often responsible for posting apartments for rent, handling leasing paperwork and deciding who is the best fit for a particular apartment. The leasing agent is essentially the eyes and ears of the property, handling all face-to-face interaction. A leasing agent should have strong intuition and an understanding of housing rules and regulations. A good resume objective for this position can reference the applicant’s personality and judge of character. Being bilingual can also be a benefit, as well as having a flexible schedule in order to show apartments at various times.

Sample Apartment Leasing Agent Resume Objectives

A resume objective is a short statement that highlights your unique qualifications. Since objectives are relatively short, it can be hard to find the right wording to make it sound professional and concise. Below are sample resume objectives that can be altered to fit the job for which you are applying:

1. Seeking position with ABC company as Apartment Leasing Agent in order to secure the best tenants for property owners.

2. A self-motivated highly personable individual desiring Apartment Leasing Agent position with ABC company.

3. Apartment Leasing Agent with 5+ years of professional experience seeking position at highly rated ABC apartments.

4. Experienced Apartment Leasing Agent of large complex looking for position at ABC company in order to offer expert support.

5. A friendly, bilingual individual desiring Apartment Leasing Agent position with ABC company to work with varied clientele.

Head over to LiveCareer’s Resume Builder for more help with writing a resume objective.

Starting out in the job market isn’t always easy, but with a great entry level apartment leasing consultant resume template, you’ll find it much simpler. Entry level applicants may not have the same experience as other candidates, so their resumes shouldn’t look the same, either. Learn from the tips below about the common information you should include in an entry level resume as well as things not to do.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Apartment Leasing Consultant Resume

If you’re just beginning to launch your career, your resume won’t look the same as someone who’s been in the workforce for five, 10 or 20 years. Don’t let this stop you from making the most of the experience you do have. State that you are excited about launching your career in your summary. Include academic achievements as well as key character traits in your highlights section and in your job history. Internships, club memberships and part-time jobs that are applicable to the position you want are all great things to list in your entry level resume.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Only Listing Paying Jobs: Even if your last paying job was a clerk at the student bookstore, you likely have other experience that applies to the job in question. Did you work on the student newspaper? Did you have internships (paid or unpaid)? Did you hold a leadership position in a student club? Did you volunteer a lot? All of these things add to your knowledge and should be on your resume.
  • Forgetting About Academic Achievements: If you are a recent graduate, you are coming from a life where school was likely your main responsibility. Especially if your degree relates to the job at hand, you should emphasize this. Include your GPA, any academic honors and relevant classes.
  • Making Up Information: There’s no need to make up anything on your resume. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in an office, you probably have many other activities under your belt that have contributed to your skills and knowledge. With a mix of your academic performance, extracurricular activities, internships and personality, you will be able to find an employer who would love to hire you.
  • Lowering Your Resume Bar: Even though you were recently a student, your resume should be as polished and error-free as if you were a seasoned professional. Show your competence with a clear, well-formatted resume that has no grammar or spelling mistakes. If you need to, pass the resume off to someone else who can comb it for errors.

Resume Content
Melanie Halstead
83 Sumpter Lane, Cale City, NV 11111
Recent graduate passionate about finding a job in real estate. Excellent customer service skills and high attention to detail. Strong work ethic built through four years as a high-performing undergraduate student. Fast learner and holder of a business degree. Willing to relocate for a promising position.
Graduated with a 4.0 GPA
President of Future Business Leaders Club in college
Enthusiasm for the housing industry
Cheerful and energetic personality
Thrives on organization and order
Fluent in Spanish
Helpful internship experience
Housing Coordinator Intern
1/1/2016 – 5/1/2016
Cale City Housing Office – Cale City, NV
Assisted Senior Housing Coordinator with managing resident issues
Kept office files in perfect order
Utilized Spanish language skills and customer service experience when interacting with residents

8/1/2012 – 5/1/2016
Future Business Leaders Club, Offingham College – Cale City, NV
Led weekly meetings and planned quarterly meet-and-greets with local business leaders
Launched internship matching program with help from college administration
Featured in the college newspaper for work with students and the local business community
Increased club enrollment by 50% during time as president

Bachelor of Business, Minor in Spanish
Offingham College, Cale City, NV

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