Plain Language Charter Of Rights And Freedoms Essay

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Changing Rights and Freedoms of Aboriginal People

The rights and freedoms of Aboriginal people have changed significantly during the 20th century after facing many years of neglect and inequalities. In that time, change in indigenous rights and freedoms was brought about as a result of government policies, political activism and legal changes.

Government Policies changed the rights and freedoms of the Aboriginal people. The policy of protectionism was introduced in 1869 which wanted to protect Aboriginals from the effects of violence, diseases and exploitation as a result of European settlement. The policy was based on a certainty that Aboriginal people were doomed to extinction and should be given some protection to live out their…show more content…

This policy was a positive outcome it aimed at having all Australians recognise the indigenous people as the original owners of the land, that they have suffered ongoing disadvantages as a result of having their land taken from them, resulting in indigenous people missing many of the benefits of life that other Australians have had.

Political activism helped Australians inform of the need for a reform of indigenous rights. Political activism was in action all across Australia with many people supporting it. The policy of assimilation was a consequent attempt to make Aboriginal people accept the way of life of a white Australian. This only resulted in discrimination and racism. For example indigenous people were not even allowed to swim at local council pools. Groups such as the Aboriginal Advancement League and the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines were established to fight for the injustice of the indigenous. Source A is an example of an indigenous protest that took place to highlight discrimination in rural Australia. Student Action for Aborigines, led by Aboriginal activist Charles Perkins, organised the Freedom Ride - a bus tour through New South Wales protesting discrimination against Aboriginal people in small towns of Australia, which was inspired by

The Charter guarantees many basic human rights and fundamental freedoms. We have other human rights tools that come from federal, provincial, and territorial statutes, common law, and international law. Also, all levels of government can always add to our rights.

In 1960, the government of Canada passed the Canadian Bill of Rights, which was the first federal human rights law in the country.  It guarantees many basic rights and freedoms.

The Canadian Human Rights Act, passed in 1977, prohibits discrimination in the context of employment, the provision of goods, services, and facilities or accommodations customarily available to the public. It prevents discriminatory practices based on a number of grounds, including race, national or ethnic origin, sex, and disability. The act applies to the Government of Canada, First Nations governments, and federally regulated private businesses, including in banking, airline, telecommunications and broadcasting and inter-provincial transportation sectors.

All provinces and territories have similar human rights laws that apply within that province or territory. They also similarly apply to provincial or provincially-regulated works and undertakings.

Gender identity and gender expression

There is proposed legislation to strengthen laws against discrimination based on gender identity and expression in the Canadian Human Rights Act

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