Nat 5 Physics Assignment Example

The SQA has recently announced changes to the Course Specification for National 5 Chemistry. You can access the Revised Course Specification here.

A major which will come into effect at the start of the 2017/2018 academic session is that practical / experimental will become a mandatory feature of the assignment. SSERC has been commissioned to produce 2 Resource Packs which could be used to support teachers and students with this change.

Details of the resource packs follow but we should point out that these are exemplars, not mandatory pieces of practical work which must be done. Many other practicals currently undertaken would be equally appropriate for use to support the assignment and over the coming months we shall, within SSERC, be looking to see how we might add to the pool of exemplars.

Each Resource Pack consists of 2 elements:

  • A Teacher / Technician Guide. (Incorporating generic risk assessments which might be used as the basis for the circumstances which exist in your own school / college). It also contains links to secondary data sources for comparisons.
  • A Student Guide.

Resource Pack 1 - Chemical Analysis

This pack contains a series of experiments involving chemical analysis

Calcium in water, calcium in milk, Iron in tea/breakfast cereal, Chloride in seawater.

Resource Pack 2 - Electrochemistry

This will follow shortly

National 5 Physics - assignment

National 5 - Physics - NEW - Session 2017-18

There are two examples viewable from the menu on the left:
Candidate 1: Range of Projectiles
Candidate 2: Resistance of a Lamp

Additional examples are viewable from the links below.

Assignment (PDF files)
Workshop 1
Candidate 1- LDR 
Candidate 2 - Cooling Curve
Candidate 3 - Thermistor
Workshop 2
Candidate 1- Refraction
Candidate 2 - Ohm's Law
Candidate 3 - Stopping Distance
Workshop 3
Candidate 1- Pressure-Temperature
Candidate 2 - Acceleration on a Slope
Candidate 3 - Boyle's Law
Candidate 4 - Specific Heat Capacity


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