Purpose Of Assignment Task In Informatica Training

Srini is correct


You can use the variables:





Then Edit your session and on the component tab for the task: Post Session on Success Variable Assignment. Assign those variables. These should be on the RIGHT side. On the LEFT side you can name the variable whatever you like for example:$$Update_Count.



It should look like:



$$UPDATE_COUNT                                             =                    $PM<TargetName>@numAppliedRows


Then EDIT the workflow and on the VARIABLE tab..create a variable 

$$UPDATE_COUNT     with DATATYPE as Integer.


Now you will be able to see the USER DEFINED variable in a LINK condition.


  No Programming experience needed.
  A Laptop or PC with good configuration required.
  No Paid Software Required.


The Informatica Training & Certification delivered by KVCH provides candidates all the knowledge to enter the stream of ETL and data warehousing using the most in-demand tool. Attending this course will let candidates enhance the ability to test and monitor critical data processing using automated, scalable and auditable approach. Candidates will gain the knowledge to debug, troubleshoot and handle errors.

This course builds candidates competency in developing beginner to intermediate level of Power Center objects and to expertise in the practical use of the Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor tools and master advanced transformations concepts. This course will also cover installation and configuration of Informatica 9.X and basic Administration Activities.


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Curriculum for this course

  • Informatica PowerCenter 10 - An Overview
    •     ►  Explain Informatica & Informatica Product Suite
    •     ►  Explain the purpose of Power Center as ETL Tool
    •     ►  Describe Power Center Architecture
    •     ►  Explain component-based development techniques in Power Center
    •     ►  Explain the new features of Informatica 10.X over 9.X
  • PowerCenter as ETL Tool
    •     ►  ETL Tool overview and history
    •     ►  Why PowerCenter Architecture is different (and important)
  • Data Integration and Data Warehousing Fundamentals
    •     ►  Data Integration Concepts
    •     ►  Data Profile and Data Quality Management
    •     ►  ETL and ETL architecture
    •     ►  Brief on Data Warehousing
  • PowerCenter Transformations
    •     ►  Describe & Visualize PowerCenter Client Tools
    •     ►  Understand basics of Data Flow
    •     ►  Explain different Transformations & their usage
  • PowerCenter Tasks & Workflows
    •     ►  PowerCenter Workflow Manager
    •     ►  Describe Flow within a Workflow
    •     ►  Describe Reusability & Scheduling in Workflow Manager
    •     ► Understand components of Workflow Monitor
    •     ► Explain Workflow Task and job handling
  • Advanced Transformations, Techniques & Reusability Features
    •     ►  Advanced transformations (Java, SQL, Normalizer)
    •     ►  XML File Processing & Transaction Processing
    •     ►  Error handling features
    •     ►  Cleaning the data (Advanced Functions, Regular Expressions)
    •     ►  Reusability features
  • ETL Scenarios using Informatica
    •     ►  Changed Data Capture, Incremental Aggregation, Constraint Based Loading etc.
    •     ►  Advanced techniques - Flat File, XML File
    •     ►  Loading Dimensional Tables (SCD-1, SCD-2, SCD-3



My experience with KVCH started with Big Data & Hadoop training and this helped me a lot to start my career in this field. The expert trainers explained things in great details with example. I am very much satisfied with their training methodology and satisfied with their support.


This is the best platform for Informatica training. The team of experienced trainers with 24/7 help from the support team. Training content based on modern market trends. A path for bright future.


It was an excellent learning with entire doubt clearance. I have taken multiple course training from KVCH. I am happily satisfied with their trainers and training infrastructure. Trainers have the profound knowledge of their domains. I am very much lucky to choose KVCH to do online training.

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