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Working with Nived was one of the best decisions I made while applying to graduate school. Before working with Nived, I didn't even know how to explain my story and experiences in person; so explaining everything in a personal statement was extremely intimidating to me. I had looked around and talked to many people who could help me with my personal statement, but I didn't feel confident working with anyone until I talked to Nived. Once I spoke to Nived, I knew right away he was the best choice. After talking to Nived about my experiences, he helped me organize everything into a statement that really highlighted my experiences and personal strengths, and it came out even better than I expected! My personal statement was absolutely amazing when it was finished. Nived was so professional, patient, and flexible throughout the entire process. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Nived, he is amazing at what he does!

Really wish I'd used Nived for my undergraduate applications. I luckily found Nived through Yelp and was sold right away reading all the 5-star reviews. I already had spent countless days filling an empty doc file with paragraphs that would make any reader fall asleep. I only had less then a week left to write my graduate school essays and knew I needed professional help. I took a chance and messaged him through his website and he responded the next day, setting up a time to talk. He was courteous, professional, and gave me a very reasonable price for 5 different essays. We set up a time to meet and talked for 3-4 hours. Nived took the time to ask me questions about my experiences and how it could relate to the essays prompts. The conversation was casual and his insights had helped me create a more interesting narrative to my essays. Since I only had a few days left until submitting my application, Nived was in constant contact with me submitting outlines, drafts, and revisions. His outlines really were a huge help for what I needed to write, and using his unbelievable writing skills, he was able to compress my over-elongated drafts to the required word count. Every paragraph he revised, contained crucial information that reflected on the prompt. He even took the time to meet again several hours before my deadline, making sure everything was perfect. I would highly recommend Nived!

I would highly recommend Nived, especially if you are: * On the fence about applying to grad school * Think you can be OK without professional help because you're a capable writer, but you want to have a great essay reviewed by a professional statement writer * Feeling keep writing a bunch of drafts and need more structure and focus Overall Impression: Nived inspired so much confidence in me and took the time to understand my story in order to construct the best possible essay. He was thoughtful and personable and did a great job synthesizing the main points. Aside from the quality of his work, Nived is extremely reliable and responsive. He answered my emails and texts very quickly. Timeline: I reached out to him 4 days before the essays were due. I was contemplating writing the essays without professional help, since I thought it would be odd to ask for help. After not doing great on the GRE exam, I knew the stakes were high, and I was feeling unmotivated about the application process. When I talked to Nived about it, he was super supportive and flexible. He worked with me until the very end, and I submitted my essay close to midnight but I felt confident. While I was nervous about the time constraints, everything worked out. The session: Nived asked me to send him my drafts so he can get a head start at getting to know my leadership story and get a sense for my storytelling voice. We met at a Starbucks by my work, and during our session, I felt like I was getting a career coaching session from him. Nived pushed my thinking and helped me more clearly define my career goals. With over 7 years of experience, I think he understands what the admissions team is looking for and his advice helps you with not only the essay but also with coming up with talking points for the interview. I had one of my friends read the essay after it was completed, and she agreed it was super strong. A huge improvement from my drafts. Other: In addition to providing in-person support, Nived has a wide array of free resources online, which I would highly recommend. Thank you for your help, Nived.

The college application process is an overwhelming experience for both, the student and the parent. For the essay writing portion, my daughter would encounter writer's block and urgently needed to submit her application. She spent countless hours re-writing several drafts, but was unable to put her ideas in a cohesive manner. We reached out to Nived and he was extremely helpful in brainstorming and eliciting ideas from my daughter. He started off with a Skype meeting and tried to understand my daughter's ideas and thoughts. Nived prodded her with the right questions to help surface her ideas. His coaching and guidance transformed a disorganized text that blossomed into a beautiful essay. Nived is an extremely great coach - intelligent and insightful. He responds very quickly, keeping our deadline in mind. We successfully submitted all my daughter's applications on time! I am glad we met Nived and that my daughter worked with him. I would highly recommend Nived's services and I will definitely use him as a resource in the future.

Nived was a great mentor and adviser when it came to writing my personal statement. We were on a time crunch, and my personal statement still turned out much better than expected. He was able to weave all of my personal and work experiences together to create a smooth transition into why I'm looking to do the master's program. I really appreciated the fact that he updated and communicated with me during the two weeks we worked together until it was time to turn in the statement. I am now in my master's program and would totally recommend!

I'm so glad I found Nived! Writing a personal statement can be really stressful. I had all ideas but I didn't know how to put them together and in organized ways. Nived took a time to really listen all my ideas. He is very patient and professional. He even stayed up till 4am to finish my drafting. Thank you Nived!

I think one of my best decisions in life would be the fact that I was in a baseball match 2 years ago as a trip from Harvard Summer School. It was my first baseball game and the game (they said) was tight although until now I still have no idea why people like baseball. However, the fact that I met Nived there might change my life. As someone who lives in Indonesia who aspires to study abroad to the likes of Ivy League universities, Oxbridge or the UCs, I knew it was going to be a hard journey. The fact that I only moved to an international school in middle school made my writing skills limited. I knew what I wanted to write but most of the time people had a hard time understanding my ideas. When I approached Nived for help a year later, not only he made my writing skills better but he was also able to open up things about me that I didn't discover yet. Furthermore, what makes him great is the adaptability that he offers in his services. Indonesia is literally located on the other side of the world and we were still able to set up meetings almost every time. He never missed any deadlines even though admission period can be a little busy. The fact that I applied to other countries such as Canada and UK and I am able to receive offers from those countries as well shows his mastery in understanding the purpose of an essay: showing your true self. If not for Nived, I would not be sure I am able to get in to my top choices! Thank you!

I would like to publicly acknowledge Nived for being a talented and meticulous writer. I was surprised how much my personal statement changed from the first draft. It started out badly but with Nived's guidance and advice, I wrote numerous drafts. Nived was constantly editing. I thought everything looked good a few drafts in but he was on the pursuit of perfection and that is what I believe was achieved. The final version was amazing. His guidance steered us in the right direction. I appreciate the time and effort that was put into my application. I especially appreciate him staying up late to work on my statements only to work on it again the next day. He has great communication and responds promptly. Your money will not go to waste for his services. I believe that he succeeds in writing and it is for this reason that I give him an outstanding, five star review. I would give more stars if I could. Feel free to message me with additional questions you may have on my experience; I assure you, it was nothing but positive.

After being out of school for over six years before applying for a graduate program, I found the whole process of writing a statement of purpose extremely stressful to me. Although I am not a big fan of yelp, I turned to yelp out of being desperate. After making several phone calls, Statement Guru was the only one that actually took the time to look over my rough statement of purpose, provided me with some feedback, and then provided me with a quote. Other places were just throwing out numbers and told me to come in. The service Nived provided even before my commitment was beyond my expectation so I decided to make an appointment with him to met up for a consultation. Nived was very accommodating to meet me at a coffee shop close to my neighborhood and took around two hours to get to know me. I was very amazed on how analytical and personable Nived was. He was able to come up with a "thesis" that made my paper so much more powerful and clear. Great thing was, he did not just provide me with feedback then tell me to go home to write on my own. He used the draft that I have, spend hours on helping me write up my thesis, change the structures of my papers, and polished up the wording. Moreover, Nived was able to help me dig deeper into my thoughts, and made this process a pretty awesome therapy session. Other places were charging hourly rate but Nived gave me a flat rate! The amount of time he spent answering my questions, and working on my paper, I think it is such a bargain! Nived is extremely honest and intelligent. With a scriptwriting background, Nived was able to make my paper very captivating, concise and to the point. By the time we were finished with my statement of purpose, Nived knew all about me and he felt more like a friend than my editor. I was so impressed with him; I decided to have me help me with my diversity statement as well. Thank you Statement Guru for making this application process so much fun for me. The first to say that I'm happy for a business to just TAKE MY MONEY!!! It is the best bang for my buck!

I was applying to law schools and had been out of school for 8 years. Needless to say I needed help writing. I had some ideas but everytime I wrote them out they sounded terrible. I worked with Nived from start to finish and he really helped me out. We started with a Skype meeting that he did not cut short even though I blabbed on and on and finally really helped me find the right approach. I was accepted to 9 out of 11 schools with good scholarships across the board.Nived really helped me showcase my uniqueness on paper and I'm sure it had a positive impact on my applications! I highly recommend using his services.

I may possibly be on of the worst writers existing today, however Nived helped me organize all my thoughts into a cohesive story that would impact the graduate school committee I was trying to impress. Many of us science folk are familiar with writing research papers, but when it comes to composing a concise statement about ourselves that garners the impact we need with respective selection committees, the challenge is presented. Nived helped me become a better writer and without him I do not believe I would have gained entrance into the program I am now enrolled in. To second most of reviews, he is patient and works with you to compose the best essay possible. He responds quickly with constructive feedback. I highly recommend using his services!

Nived is very professional and good at assisting with personal statements. Before I contacted Nived my personal statement was awful. My favorite aspect of the services that Nived provides is he makes it a collaborative effort. I met him in person in a public place since I was local and we brainstormed together of how I wanted my personal statement to be. Nived provided great customer service and made himself available to work around my schedule since i work full time and made himself available to go over any questions I had over the phone if I was not able to meet in person. Nived truly has the talent to help you bring your personal statement to life and to tailor it to what exactly your school is looking for that you are applying to. When I began informing him about my work experience he was able to bring life into my personal statement by adding great flow of words and most importantly structure. I recommend anyone that needs help with their personal statement to use Nived services as you will not be disappointed. Please feel free to message me or email me at if you would like for me to share my experience of using Nived services.

At the beginning of my application process I was overwhelmed. I had no direction and idea of how to tackle my essays. In desperate need of help, I decided to search YELP not expecting much at first. However I found Nived and decided to give him a call. He was extremely professional and very detailed on the services he could provide. Little did I know how much of a difference good brainstorming, editing and guidance can make! I applied to around 10 schools with multiple essays. Nived was extremely patient and helped me along the way making the process so much more efficient. He was able to really bring my essays to the next level. Nived helped me convey my story in a way that distinguished me as an applicant while keeping it unique to my background and goals. He is extremely knowledgeable in this field and knows what schools are looking for. I am so happy I decided to go with Nived because I would not have been able to get into my top choices with out his help. Look no further, Nived is your go to guy!

I wanted to write an update, because I just got into the program I was applying to! I know for a fact I couldn't have done it without Nived's help. I had doubts applying because my undergraduate GPA just met the minimum requirement. With Nived's help I was able to really boost my application. So thank you again Nived!

Nived is a life saver to be honest. I was so reluctant to work with someone on my personal statement because I didn't know if they could really help get my message across and understand what my program was looking for. However, Nived was amazing. He helped through the entire process and was so patient and helpful the entire time. He really cares about you and puts in so much time and effort. I could not be happier with the finished product and I will definitely recommend him to everyone I know!

Claps all around for Nived. During our initial contact, Nived was very personal and had a keen ear for interesting details. Fast response and flexible times, also thoroughly patient with all my needs and questions. Helped me with a personal statement and spoke to me about personal endeavors, all in all equating to a great experience. Nived has great style and voice when it comes in his writing and comments. I highly recommend his service, his work is magic!

I was applying to a very competitive and selective nursing program that required a 400-word essay as a part of the application. I knew I needed to ace this section of the application so I turned to Statement Guru for help. He met with me personally and took diligent notes as we spoke about my past volunteer, education and work experience. Because Statement Guru worked with me personally and got to know me he was able to write an outline that truly reflected me as a person and was not generic. I wrote the essay based off his outline and per his request just let my ideas flow. I ended up writing 1500 words, but because the Statement Guru is so amazing he was able to cut it down to exactly 400! Throughout the process we worked very closely via email and video message. I would absolutely recommend Statement Guru. He is GREAT. ...I got into that Nursing School too!

Nived is the best resource I could have invested in! I am currently applying to medical school and he is great! He is patient with me and follows through on the whole writing process. He helped with my personal statement and now I'm using his services for my secondaries. The anxiety of med school applications is a little less with Nived on my team. I highly recommend his service because he provides valuable suggestions and help when it comes to essay writing. Applying to professional school is difficult enough, let Statement Guru come to your rescue!!

When I first started writing my personal statement it lacked that clarity and emotion needed to truly express my passion for my field. I was not satisfied with anything I wrote. Through the recommendation of my sister I contacted Nived. One of the best decisions I have ever made. Nived brought together my disjointed thoughts and helped me put the emotion needed into a cohesive statement. I cannot express my gratitude to Nived and I am so happy with the final result.

During graduate school, I did not have much practice with writing a personal statement. I was very focused on maintaining my grades as well as completing research projects. Toward the end of my graduate school I felt that I wanted to specialize in an clinical area of my field. I stressed a lot about my personal statement and had a hard time figure out how to begin to tell my story. Statement Guru is an amazing writer! I provided him what I wanted to included in my statement, and he turned a boring essay into a masterpiece. I applied to 20 places for residency, received interviews from 15. 3 months after the beginning of my application process I got into the my 1st choice residency program. Could not have done this without his help! I highly recommend him for anyone with personal statement writing anxieties like me :) is now

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