Comparative Perspectives On History And Historians Essays In Memory Of Bryce Lyon

Comparative Perspectives on History and Historians

Essays in Memory of Bryce Lyon (1920-2007)

edited by David Nicholas, Bernard S. Bachrach, and James M. Murray

Publication Year: 2012

The book features a section of appreciations of Bryce Lyon followed by three sections on the major areas on which Lyon's research concentrated: the legacy of Henri Pirenne, constitutional and legal history of England and the Continent, and the economic history of the Low Countries. Original essays by Bernard S. Bachrach, David S. Bachrach, Jan Dumolyn, Caroline Dunn, Jelle Haemers, John H. A. Munro, James M. Murray, Anthony Musson, David Nicholas, W. Mark Ormrod, Walter Prevenier, Jeff Rider, Don C. Skemer, and Marci Sortor deepen our understanding of Lyon's career and siginificance and further our knowledge of the areas in which he worked.

Published by: Medieval Institute Publications

Part 1. The Legacy of Henri Pirenne

Part 2. Constitutional and Legal History: England and the Continent

Part 3. The Low Countries and Economic History

Bryce Lyon and the Royal Historical Commission of Belgium

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pp. 13-18

Continuity in Late Antique Gaul: A Demographic and Economic Perspective

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pp. 27-50

Henri Pirenne at Work: Editing Galbert of Bruges

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pp. 51-74

The Urban Typologies of Henri Pirenne and Max Weber: Was There a “Medieval” City?

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pp. 75-96

A Victorious State and Defeated Rebels? Historians’ Views of Violence and Urban Revolts in Medieval Flanders

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pp. 97-118

Henri Pirenne and Particularism in Late Medieval Flemish Cities: An Intellectual Genealogy

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pp. 119-145

Ending English Exceptionalism: Bryce Lyon’s Legacy for Constitutional and Legal Historians

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pp. 149-168

The Good Parliament of 1376: Commons, Communes, and “Common Profit” in Fourteenth-Century English Politics

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pp. 169-188

Constitutional Discourse in Illuminated English Law Books

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pp. 189-214

“No more but hang and drawe”: Politics and Magic in the Execution of Sir Robert Tresilian, 1388

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pp. 215-242

Military Industrial Production in Thirteenth-Century England: The Case of the Crossbow Bolt

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pp. 243-256

The Notions of Honor and Adultery in the Fifteenth-Century Burgundian Netherlands

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pp. 259-278

The Case of the Disappearing Mintmaster

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pp. 279-288

Work, Business, and Investments: Economic Networks in a Fifteenth-Century City

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pp. 289-313

Coinage Debasements in Burgundian Flanders, 1384–1482: Monetary or Fiscal Policies?

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pp. 314-360

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Page Count: 384
Illustrations: 5 halftones, 1 line drawing
Publication Year: 2012

OCLC Number: 835770504
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Early English Poetic Culture and Metre: The Influence of G. R. Russom

Edited by M. J. Toswell and Lindy Brady

This volume develops G. R. Russom’s contributions to early English metre and style, including his fundamental reworkings and rethinkings of accepted and oft-repeated mantras, including his word-foot theory, concern for the late medieval context for alliterative metre, and the linguistics of punctuation and translation as applied to Old English texts.

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Telling Tales and Crafting Books: Essays in Honor of Thomas H. Ohlgren

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Discovery and Distinction in the Early Middle Ages: Studies in Honor of John J. Contreni

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Magistra Doctissima: Essays in Honor of Bonnie Wheeler

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The editors of this volume use its title to honor Bonnie Wheeler for her many scholarly achievements and to celebrate her wide-ranging contributions to medieval studies in the United States.

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Comparative Perspectives on History and Historians: Essays in Memory of Bryce Lyon (1920-2007)

Edited by David Nicholas, Bernard S. Bachrach and James M. Murray

This volume features a section of appreciations of Bryce Lyon from the three editors, R. C. Van Caenegem and Walter Prevenier, followed by three sections on the major areas on which Lyon's research concentrated: the legacy of Henri Pirenne, constitutional and legal history of England and the Continent and the economic history of the Low Countries.

ISBN 978-1-58044-168-1 (clothbound) © 2012 Buy book from retailer

Music, Dance, and Society: Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Memory of Ingrid G. Brainard

Edited by Ann Buckley and Cynthia J. Cyrus

Performative dance and dance history, social history and musicological issues are all explored, touching on topics from the later Renaissance back through the Carolingian Empire.

ISBN 978-1-58044-166-7 (clothbound) © 2011 Buy book from retailer

The Hero Recovered: Essays on Medieval Heroism in Honor of George Clark

Edited by Robin Waugh and James Weldon

This volume brings together studies concerning heroes and heroisms in Old English, Old Icelandic, Middle English and modern literature as a tribute to the scholarship and teaching of George Clark. The thirteen essays in this collection appear in print here for the first time.

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The Morton W. Bloomfield Lectures, 1989–2005

Edited by Daniel Donoghue, James Simpson and Nicholas Watson

The idea for the Bloomfield Lectures was…[to] reflect to some extent Morton Bloomfield's wide and varied interests—in literature, in the history of philosophy, in language studies, in Judaic studies.

ISBN 978-1-58044-146-9 (clothbound) © 2010 Buy book from retailer

ISBN 978-1-58044-147-6 (paperback) © 2010 - out of print

Poetry, Place, and Gender: Studies in Medieval Culture in Honor of Helen Damico

Edited by Catherine E. Karkov

The essays in this collection honor Helen Damico's extensive interests in Old Norse and later medieval literatures as well as her primary focus on Anglo-Saxon studies, embracing Old English poetry, archaeology, art history, paleography, liturgy, landscape and gender. Each of the essays contributes new interpretations, new evidence, even new technologies to further the study of some key medieval works.

ISBN 978-1-58044-127-8 (clothbound) © 2009 Buy book from retailer

Global Perspectives on Medieval English Literature, Language and Culture

Edited by Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr. and Richard Scott Nokes

The twelve essays in this volume proceed from a modern fantasy-epic back in time to oral epics that have been transmitted through the technology of manuscripts, and central in the collection are two articles that address Chaucer's Middle English courtly epic, "Troilus and Criseyde." Each, in its own way, presents a global perspective on its subject, whether by comparing texts, by considering textual transmission through translation or by contrasting medieval issues with developing global movements.

ISBN 978-1-58044-120-9 (clothbound) © 2007 Buy book from retailer

Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture: The Apocrypha

Edited by Frederick M. Biggs

This little volume brings up to date the entries on apocrypha first published in "Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture: A Trial Version." …[The entries] address almost eighty separate apocryphal texts and are supported by a bibliography of over 480 titles.

Instrumenta Anglistica Mediaevalia 1 (pp. xx + 118), ISBN 978-1-58044-119-3 (paperback) © 2007 Buy book from retailer

Proceedings of the Pseudo Society

Edited by Richard R. Ring and Richard Kay

Of all the learned societies in North America, the Pseudo Society is probably the most disreputable and beloved. Long overdue, the present volume collects 23 astonishing break-throughs from the society's early years (1986–93), plus four more from its predecessor, the American Committee for Jutish Studies (1976) and an appendix listing all the papers presented to date.

First Series, 1986–93 (pp. xii + 211) ISBN 1-58044-048-7 (paperback) © 2003 Buy book from retailer

Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture Volume 1: Abbo of Fleury, Abbo of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and Acta Sanctorum

Edited by Frederick M. Biggs, Thomas D. Hill, Paul E. Szarmach and E. Gordon Whatley

This massive volume is the first in a projected series of publications examining the sources of Anglo-Saxon literary culture…[It is] a major achievement for the scholars involved to produce a framework for a systematic overview of the Latin texts transcribed and transmitted in the Anglo-Saxon period.

SASLC 1 (pp. xlvi + 548), ISBN 1-58044-072-X (clothbound) © 2001 Buy book from retailer

ISBN 1-58044-073-8 (paperback) © 2001 Buy book from retailer

Trial by Fire: Burning Jewish Books

Susan Einbinder

Young poet Meir ben Baruch of Rothenburg "captured the tone of mourning and bereavement following the events of 1242…The polemical and satirical restlessness of DaPiera's poems, the exquisite lyrical imagery of HaLevi's Zionide lament, the longing devotion to the Beloved of vernacular songs, all fuse in a remarkable tribute to Jewish study and students."

Lectures on Medieval Judaism at Trinity University: Occasional Papers III, ISBN 1-58044-071-1 (paperback) © 2000 Buy book from retailer

Jewish Suffering: The Interplay of Medieval Christian and Jewish Perspectives

Robert Chazan

Jewish authors, such as Nahmanides and Rabbi Mordechai ben Joseph of Avignon, asserted that Christian claims of divine favor were erroneous, and that God's promise of redemption for Jews was still valid. These methods to resist Christian assertions of superiority and affirm the grandeur of Jewish experience were essential for the community of Jewish life in the Middle Ages.

Lectures on Medieval Judaism at Trinity University: Occasional Papers II, ISBN 1-58044-002-9 (paperback) © 1998 Buy book from retailer

Emblem, Iconography, and Drama

Edited by Clifford Davidson, Luis R. Gámez and John H. Stroupe

Eight iconographic studies by American, Australian and British scholars focusing on Shakespeare and his contemporaries and the interconnectedness of their art with the visual language of their time.

ISBN 1-879288-57-5 (paperback) © 1995 Buy book from retailer

English Translations of the Scandinavian Medieval Ballads: An Analytical Guide and Bibliography

Larry E. Syndergaard

The English-speaking world has made these ballads a major Scandinavian literature in translation, in part finding there its own "primitive" past. Here translations are also seen as cross-cultural dialogue and placed within the empirical discipline of translation studies.

ISBN 952-9724-11-X (clothbound) © 1995 Buy book from retailer (Medieval Institute Publications holds North American rights only. Orders from outside North America should be addressed to: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, Hallituskatu 1, 00170 Helsinki, Finland)

ISBN 952-9724-11-X (paperback) © 1995 - out of print

Studies in Honor of Hans-Erich Keller: Medieval French and Occitan Literature and Romance Linguistics

Edited by Rupert T. Pickens

Essays on many aspects of medieval French and Occitan literatures and Romance linguistics in tribute to Hans-Erich Keller, one of our most productive and wide-ranging scholars. As a group, they reflect the "state of the art" of medieval French and Occitan studies and Romance linguistics, with varied methodologies and varied conclusions.

ISBN 1-879288-21-4 (clothbound) © 1993 Buy book from retailer (very limited stock available)

ISBN 1-879288-22-2 (paperback) © 1993 Buy book from retailer (very limited stock available, after which it will go out of print)

Matthew Parker and His Books: Sandars Lectures in Bibliography Delivered on 14, 16 and 18 of May 1990 at the University of Cambridge

R.I. Page, with photographs by Mildred Budny

Three lectures, presented before the University of Cambridge, that examine Matthew Parker as a noted collector of books, an avid annotator, and a keen student of Old English. Plates accompany the text to illustrate many characteristic aspects of Parker's interventions in his books.

ISBN 1-879288-20-6 (clothbound) © 1993 Buy book from retailer

Monastic Preaching in the Age of Chaucer

Siegfried Wenzel

The third Morton W. Bloomfield Lecture, delivered at Harvard University in 1993.

ISBN 1-879288-39-7 (paperback) © 1993 Buy book from retailer

Iconographic and Comparative Studies in Medieval Drama

Edited by Clifford Davidson and John H. Stroupe; introduction by Meg Twycross

Ten essays that were originally presented at the Sixth Triennial Colloquium of the International Society for the Study of the Medieval Theatre (Lancaster, 13–19 July 1989).

ISBN 0-918720-49-4 (paperback) © 1991 Buy book from retailer

Studia Occitanica in Memoriam Paul Remy

Edited by Hans-Erich Keller

Two volumes dedicated to the memory of Paul Remy and "having as theme the scientific domain to which he had dedicated his research for nearly forty years: the Occitan literature and language."

Volume I: The Troubadours (pp. x + 371), ISBN 0-918720-71-0 (clothbound) © 1986 Buy book from retailer

ISBN 0-918720-74-5 (paperback) © 1986 Buy book from retailer (very limited stock available, after which it will go out of print)

Volume II: The Narrative-Philology (pp. xii + 441), ISBN 0-918720-72-9 (clothbound) © 1986 Buy book from retailer

ISBN 0-918720-75-3 (paperback) © 1986 Buy book from retailer (very limited stock available, after which it will go out of print)

Two-volume set: ISBN 0-918720-73-7 (clothbound) © 1986 - out of print

ISBN 0-918720-76-1 (paperback) © 1986 - out of print

Medieval Lives and the Historian: Studies in Medieval Prosopography

Edited by Neithard Bulst and Jean-Philippe Genet

Proceedings of the First International Interdisciplinary Conference on Medieval Prosopography (Bielefeld, Germany, December 1982).

ISBN 0-918720-69-9 (clothbound) © 1986 Buy book from retailer

ISBN 0-918720-70-2 (paperback) © 1986 Buy book from retailer(very limited stock available, after which it will go out of print)

Studies in Malory

Edited by James W. Spisak

The publication of Sir Thomas Malory’s "Le Morte Darthur" by William Caxton was a signal event in the history of English literature and printing. Compiled to mark the five-hundredth anniversary of that occasion, this volume contains critical studies of Malory’s work, supplemented by essays that place that work in the larger context of Caxton's canon. The different approaches and methodologies in the essays reflect the variety of means through which an understanding of the "Morte" has been sought.

ISBN 0-918720-54-0 (clothbound) © 1985 Buy book from retailer

ISBN 0-918720-55-9 (paperback) © 1985 - out of print

The Wisdom of Poetry: Essays in Early English Literature in Honor of Morton W. Bloomfield

Edited by Larry D. Benson and Siegfried Wenzel

[A] collection of wise and witty essays by some of our wisest and wittiest scholars in honor of one of our field's wisest wits.

ISBN 0-918720-15-X (clothbound) © 1982 Buy book from retailer

ISBN 0-918720-16-8 (paperback) © 1982 - out of print

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