City And Country Admissions Essay

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Freshman Requirements

Freshman Admissions

To be considered for freshman admissions to Elizabeth City State University those who graduated from high school after June, 1990 must meet the Minimum Course Requirements (MCRs) and Minimum Admissions Requirements (MARs) stipulated by the University of North Carolina. The specific requirements are as follows:

  • 4 units of English
  • 4 units of Mathematics
    • Algebra I and II, geometry, and one unit beyond Algebra II,
    • Algebra I and II, and two units beyond Algebra II, or
    • Integrated Math I, II, and III, and one unit beyond Integrated Math III.
  • 3 units of Science (Biological, Physical, and Laboratory Courses)
  • 2 units of Social Studies
  • 2 units of Foreign Language


Minimum Admissions Requirements

  • 2.5 GPA (weighted) and,
  • 17 ACT Score (composite)


  • 800 SAT (Critical Reading and Math only), if taken before March 2016, or
  • 880 SAT (Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math), if taken after March 2016.

 Complete and Submit the following to Office of Admissions:

  • Online Application
  • $30 non-refundable application fee
  • Official high school transcript (initial one at time of application; final at the end of senior year upon graduation or GED equivalency)
  • An official copy of your SAT or ACT scores - these need to be sent directly to ECSU
    • School Code for ACT is 3095
    • School Codes for College Board/SAT is 5629

Graduates of Cooperative Innovative High Schools (CIHS)

Beginning with the 2017 admissions cycle, graduates from North Carolina Cooperative Innovative (also referred to as Early College) High Schools have an important decision to make when seeking admission to Elizabeth City State University. In accordance with House Bill 97 Section 11.16. (a) "any student who graduated from a cooperative innovative high school program with an associate degree and who applies for admission to the constituent institution has the option of being considered for admission as a freshman or as a transfer student." Freshman requirements are listed above and Transfer Requirements can be found here.

If you meet the criteria listed above, please consider the following information when selecting to apply as a freshman or transfer student. Please contact our office at 252-335-3305 or before you submit your application if you have any questions.

  • Many university-awarded scholarships are reserved for freshmen applicants. 
  • Transfer applicants who have earned an associate degree are not required to submit standardized test scores.
  • By applying as a freshman and also submitting your college transcript, we can consider both your high school academic work and test scores as well as your college courses and grades. In doing so, we can review both options as we make an admission decision.

 Please consider reviewing the list of Cooperative Innovative High School Programs to see if your early college qualifies for this opportunity.

Rising Viking Scholars Program (MAR Pilot Program)

What is the Minimum Admissions Requirements for the Rising Viking Scholars (RVS) Program?
The Rising Viking Scholars Program allows for ECSU to admit students who have high grade point averages and meet the program specified SAT/ACT university requirement thresholds. The RVS Program aims to provide an opportunity to prospective in-state degree-seeking applicants.

What does the Rising Viking Scholars Program mean for me?
If your cumulative, weighted GPA is at least 2.6 and your SAT/ACT meets the corresponding minimum threshold, the MAR Pilot Program is an alternative admissions option that may allow acceptance into ECSU. This pilot program admission is based on a "sliding step scale". The number of students accepted to the RVS Program at ECSU is limited.

For more information about the RVS Program, contact the Office of Admissions.


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